Jedz Classic 500ml Sunburst Orange

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Imagine the sun beating down on you.  Maybe you’re on a beach.   Maybe you’re at the top of a mountain.  Maybe you’re driving somewhere.

You enjoy the natural heat, but as time goes on you get thirstier and thirstier.  And then – finally – your thirst is quenched with ice-cold water.

Your mouth goes from parched to comfortable, and as the water descends down your body you feel cool and refreshed.

Now imagine doing that without contributing towards a plastic disaster, and instead contributing towards clean water for someone else, and you’ve just imagined the experience of drinking from your very own Jedz bottle.

Your doubled-walled, stainless steel Jedz bottle is leak free, condensation free, and BPA free.  No leaks, no nasty chemicals, no hassle.  Just total, 100% reusable refreshment.

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