The Company:

Who are jedz?

Jedz is the brainchild of John and Ed Thompson, and in case you hadn’t worked it out yet, John + Ed = Jedz.

We’re on a mission to reduce the use of SUP (single use plastic), contributing to a better and more sustainable world as a result, and we do that by providing state-of-the-art products that can be used again and again and again and again.  And again.

Why are jedz different?

Look let’s level with each other – you could buy a bottle from elsewhere.  We’re not going to pretend any different.

But there are two reasons why we’re different, and - even though we’re biased we’re going to say it – better.

First off, you’ll have noticed that our bottle is a different shape to anything else out there, so if you’re looking to make a statement while you save the planet, then Jedz is the way to go. 

Secondly – and most importantly - £1 from every single bottle purchase goes directly towards helping provide clean water for people all over the world, which means that not only are you making our planet more sustainable, you’re looking after its inhabitants too.

Jedz Bottle (Type & Colours):

Where is the jedz bottle manufactured?

We could tell you that the Jedz bottle is manufactured by Finnish elves who use magic thread to weave the stainless-steel construction together, and then paint it with tears from Icelandic fairies.

But that’d be a lie.

It’s made in China.  Boring, maybe, but whilst you can never truly trust those elves – you can rest assured that your bottle has been made by someone who knows what they’re doing.

What is the jedz bottle made from?

Food-grade stainless-steel.  You know that horrible “metally” taste you get from a cheap flask?  Yeah, you don’t get that with Jedz.

What Colours are available?

So far we’ve found four colours that:

  1. Look exquisite
  2. Have outlandishly cool names

So we’ve gone with all four of those.  Orca Black, Polar White, Lagoon Blue and Sunburst Orange.

If you’d like to see an additional colour then drop a line over to team@jedz.co.uk, but we must warn you, it needs to have an outlandishly cool name, otherwise we won’t consider it.

Do the bottles comply to UK/European regulations?

No.  We don’t give a damn about regulations.

Not really, of course we comply with regulations – every single bottle complies with BSEN 12546 part 1.

How long will my jedz bottle keep liquids hot/cold?

We know there’s nothing worse than lukewarm water, either a cup of tea that’s been cooled down or water that was once ice-cold and no longer is, and that’s why you can rest assured that your Jedz bottle will help the liquid in it retain its temperature for a LONG time.

But the exact figure?  It’s difficult to say – if you live in the Sahara then the chances are your water will warm up a little bit quicker, and vice versa if you’re in the Arctic Tundra.

Generally speaking though, you can work on the basis of your water staying cold for 24 hours and staying hot for 12.

What liquids can I NOT put in my jedz bottle?

Don’t put petrol in unless you particularly enjoy the taste; same goes for white spirit, Dettol and bleach.

(Just to be clear, please don’t put any chemicals in your bottle – it won’t end well)

In terms of liquids that you could reasonably consider putting in, we recommend steering clear of fizzy drinks (the bottle isn’t designed for the carbonated liquid) and probably going easy on the dairy – your drink won’t go bad or damage the bottle but the odour could be a little unpleasant.

Can I put fizzy/sparkling/carbonated drinks into my jedz Bottle?

Unless you came to this question with a laser focused desire to know more about how Jedz deals with fizzy drinks, the chances are that you’ve read the question and answer above, but if not, then in a word, the answer is “no”.

Can I put alcohol in my jedz bottle?

What a good idea!  But before you go boozing (in a highly sustainable way of course) then remember that alcoholic drinks can still be fizzy, so stick to still if you want your bottle to last.

Can I get a replacement lid for my jedz bottle?

Right now, you can’t.  But we hope you’ll be able to very soon, so if you want us to let you know when they’re available, drop a line to team@jedz.co.uk

Do jedz bottles contain glass?

What a good question – it’s almost as if we wrote it ourselves.

A lot of the vacuum-based bottles you see around have a layer of glass in them, which makes them way more fragile than you’d like them to be.

Jedz bottles aren’t.  No glass in sight.

What sizes do jedz bottles come in?

So far, we’ve got the 500ml size, which works pretty well for most.  However, we’ve got plans to expand this, so if you’d like to give us your tuppence worth on what sizes you’d like to see then drop us a line at team@jedz.co.uk 

What accessories can I get for my jedz bottle?

Check out our shop  - we now have a carabiner (different colours), cleaning brush and a sports lid.

But really: the sky’s the limit.  You see, one of the cool things you realise when you grow up and start a business is that you can just do whatever you want.

So what accessories do you want to see?  Sensible recommendations will be considered, and yes, we’re the judges of what’s sensible. Please drop us a note at team@jedz.co.uk.

Shipping, Returns & Packaging:

What Countries do you deliver to?

Delivery is free in the UK.  Unsurprisingly, we’re based in the UK too, so we haven’t really got as far as considering what to do elsewhere.  If you’re not in the UK, just let us know that you’d like a bottle by emailing us at team@jedz.co.uk and we’ll be in touch to work out a delivery method that suits us both.

How much does delivery cost?

If you’re in the UK, then standard delivery is a simple, one-off payment of £159, on top of your bottle investment.


We’ve got to stop doing this.  We like jokes too much for own good.

Delivery for all UK peeps is FREE.  Nothing.  Zilch. Nada.

What shipping carriers do you use?

As you can tell (!) we’re super cool, so you might expect us to use some new-fangled courier called “Zeus” or “Millennial Logistics”, so if that’s your expectation then we’re sorry to disappoint.

We use good old fashioned Royal Mail.

How long will it take for my order to be dispatched/delivered?

Place your order before 1pm and John will (very gently) throw your bottle to Ed, who’ll catch it in a box with the unerring skill of a Seeker in a Quidditch game, stamp it up and get it out into the world so it can be shipped to you within 48 hours. Add an extra 5 days if you've opted for the laser engraving.

What’s the returns policy?

We like to make sure you’re happy, and that’s the way we operate our returns policy.  If you’ve got any issues, please email us at team@jedz.co.uk and we’ll do our very best to help you out.  You can access the full policy HERE.

Will you replace a damaged bottle?

We like stories.  Write us a story about how your bottle got damaged and if it’s compelling enough, we might send you a new one, or make you famous and publish your words on the interwebby thingy.

Is the Packaging Eco-Friendly ?

That’d be a bit sad, wouldn’t it?  You’ve gone to all the effort of reducing your plastic footprint by buying the world’s best reusable bottle (yes, we’re claiming that) and then it turns up in vast swathes of single use plastic.

The image is funny, but you’d be surprised at how often it’s the case.

Thankfully it isn’t the case with Jedz – not a single scrap of our packaging contains single use plastic – that’d defeat the object of what we’re trying to do here.

Can I track my Order online?

We’ve got you covered.  You don’t need to log in somewhere with a code that you can’t remember only to be told that your Royal Mail package is somewhere between Penzance and Peterborough.

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, emailing you when your package leaves us and when it’s out for delivery.

I have received the wrong order, what should I do?

Well, the first thing to say is that we’re sorry, and the second thing is that Ed will most likely be grounded as a result.

Not really.  He’s a grown man after all.

If you’ve got the wrong order, we’re super sorry – just drop us an email at team@jedz.co.uk and we’ll wave our magic wand* and make everything okay.

My order arrived damaged, what should I do?

Nightmare!  Our lovingly crafted bottle has been beaten up by the postman, so we’ll have a stern word with him, but in the meantime, drop us an email straight away at team@jedz.co.uk and we’ll sort you out, scout’s honour.

Is my jedz bottle covered by warranty?

Yep.  Full details HERE.  I reckon you can guess what comes next – email team@jedz.co.uk if you need to claim on it

Cleaning and Care:

Can I put my jedz bottle in the dishwasher?

Nope.  Your Jedz bottle is tough, but we wouldn’t back it in a one-on-one fight with a dishwasher, whether it’s Bosch or Beko.

Use a neutral (ideally eco-friendly) detergent, hot water and a brush to give your bottle a clean.

Can I put my jedz Bottle in the fridge/freezer?

Can you?  Well, yes.

Should you?  No.

Putting it in the fridge or freezer won’t damage your Jedz bottle, but because your bottle is vacuum insulated, the liquid won’t be changed by being in a colder temperature.

Can I put my jedz bottle in the microwave?

If you’re a pyrotechnist then there could be a case made for doing this, but even then we’d strongly recommend avoiding it.

Metal + microwave = sparks, fire, danger.

Can I bring my jedz bottle on an airplane?

You sure can.  Make sure it’s empty though, otherwise one of those big, burly security people will make you down half a litre of ice-cold water before you take your belt and shoes off and head through security.

Customer Service & Contact details:

What do I do if I've got a discount code?

First off, do a dance of celebration – you really are very privileged.

Second, pop it in the box at checkout to activate it.

Is there a referral program?

Once you buy your bottle, you’ll get a unique code that you can share with your buddies.  If five people use that code, you’ll get a super-duper special edition Jedz bottle to say thank you.

How do I get support if I have an issue?

Go and see a doctor.

However, if it’s an issue related to your Jedz bottle, give us a shout on team@jedz.co.uk and we’ll do all we can to fix it.

Can I follow jedz on Social media?

Yes please!  We’re pretty social people. Connect with us here:


How can I provide Feedback?

We love feedback.  It makes us better.  Drop an email to team@jedz.co.uk and let us have it!


Who do I contact for collaborations?

Team work makes the dream work, so someone with rhyming disorder once said. 

Email us at team@jedz.co.uk and we’ll be in touch.

Who do you contact for press and PR enquiries?

Email team@jedz.co.uk and give us some warning if you want to take our photos – we’ve got an intense grooming ritual that’ll enable you to get our best angles.


Who do jedz partner with?

We partner with organisations that we trust, and who we know do the right thing.  If you want to be one of those organisations, then drop us a line at team@jedz.co.uk

How much does jedz donate to safe water projects?

£1 from every single bottle goes directly to safe water projects, which means that when you buy a bottle, you’re making a tangible difference in the lives of other human beings.

We hope that feels good, because it should.