The world has got water wrong. Join us on the Jedz journey and help us get it right.

We allow millions of tonnes of plastic to be ejected into our oceans every year, having a huge impact on marine life, the food chain and the quality of life for future generations, and it doesn’t even end with pollution.

Because right now, someone a few thousand miles away hasn’t got access to clean drinking water, and millions of people have to trek miles just to get the thing they need to survive.

That's why Jedz exists

We can’t pull all the plastic out of the sea, or prevent a single more ounce of it from being thrown away.

And we can’t wave a magic wand and give clean water to the 780 million people that don’t have it overnight.

But we CAN do our bit to change behaviour and give people another option. 

And that’s exactly why my son Ed and I launched Jedz.  (John + Ed = Jedz, if you hadn’t worked that bit out.)

Here's a pic of John & Ed, pointing at their jedz bottles...someone said something funny!

Together, we can make a cleaner world.

The more people that use Jedz bottles, the more we’re able to make a dent in the 16 million plastic bottles that are thrown away every single day in the UK alone.

And for every Jedz bottle you buy, we donate £1 on your behalf to fund projects that provide clean water to people that don’t have it.