Jedz Classic 500ml Orca Black

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We can’t guarantee that grabbing your very own double-walled stainless steel Orca Black Jedz bottle today will make you any cooler, although it’s highly likely.  What’s cooler than black?!

But we CAN guarantee three things:
    • It’ll make your drink cooler for longer. Like a lot longer.  See what happens you leave your bottle of Buxton in the car for two hours – no one wants lukewarm water, do they?  Your Jedz bottle will stay cool as a cucumber for well over a day, and if you fancy keeping your tea in it, it’ll stay hot for up to 12 hours.

        • Buying an Orca Black bottle could help an actual orca, as well as their sea-dwelling buddies by reducing the amount of plastic that gets dumped in the sea.

            • It’s leak free, condensation free, and BPA free. No leaks, no nasty chemicals, no hassle.

              Look, let’s level with each other.  Single use plastic is bad news.  Jedz bottles are good news. 

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