Jedz Classic 500ml Polar White

We’re guessing you don’t know much about polar bears, (Our sincerest apologies if you’re an arctic zoologist), so here’s one thing worth knowing: 

They can only survive in the sub-zero temperatures they live in as a result of their thick fur coat.  The coat, together with their ample amount of fat (!) traps heat close to their skin and keeps them toasty when it’s icy outside.

Our double-walled stainless steel Polar White Jedz bottle does the same thing in reverse, trapping the cold in and keeping your drink cool for 24 hours.

And if you fancy it behaving more like a polar bear, you can stick a hot drink in it and sip hot coffee up to 12 hours later.

It’s leak free, condensation free, and BPA free. No leaks, no nasty chemicals, no hassle.

Look, let’s level with each other. Single use plastic is bad news. Jedz bottles are good news.

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